Circle Pendant Necklace with Leaf And Custom Beads in Sterling Silver

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This necklace was designed to symbolise an everlasting circle. In Spanish and Portuguese, Linda means ‘beautiful’. A woman is the utmost symbolisation of beauty as she is a full circle- she is able to transform, create, and nurture. This alluring piece includes five round beads, which be customised however one pleases. As well, the necklace is adorned with a dangling leaf charm and a clear stone. The clear stone is known as ‘the master healer’, it channels any energy possible, leaving one feeling re-energised and happy. Other features include:

  • Made of Sterling Silver
  • 1 to 5 customized beads
  • 1 name or word per bead
  • Optional addition of stone and leaf charms


Modern contemporary touches with a trendy feel, this necklace is the just the right way to celebrate her loved ones or words of meaning, making a perfect essential to her everyday style.

Please allow approx 15 working days for this necklace to be made.

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Heart & Clear Stone, Leaf & Clear Stone, None


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